Thursday, June 23, 2011


On June 23, 2011 5 & A Dime released their newest track, "Skrillmau5."
The track takes Deadmau5's famous track "Ghost's N' Stuff" and Skrillex's hit "My Name is Skrillex" and combines them for a fusion of genre's that is sure to shake your sub. The track is sure to be a hit as blog giants such as GoodMusicAllDay, Fresh New Tracks, This Song Is Sick, and Hype Machine have picked up on it and 5 & A Dime hopes to use this new-found popularity to increase their fan base.

5 & A Dime Music

5 & A Dime is an electronic music group that takes samples from hundreds of different songs and "mashes" them together to create an entirely new sound.

On April 20th, 2010 5 & A Dime released its first album, The Other White Meat, which was met with much critical acclaim. Shortly after The Other White Meat's release 5 & A Dime was often referred to as a "blogosphere sensation" and performed several times throughout the summer in the Northeastern United States.

Over the next year, 5 & A Dime released eleven singles, all available for download on Soundcloud, which ranged from the exponentially growing Dubstep movement to Trance/Techno. Throughout this entire time period 5 & A Dime was tearing it up at college campuses all over the country "spreading the 5 & A Dime love."

On April 19th, 2011, less than a year from the release of The Other White Meat, 5 & A Dime released Ear Candy. This new 30 minute album takes samples from different generations and creates a party with constantly changing music for the "Music ADD" stricken generation.
5 & A Dime is gearing up for summer shows and looks forward to growing even more over the next year with new genre pushing music.